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Preselection challenges are open from Saturday 10/06/2018 at 09h00 PM UTC+2 to Sunday 10/21/2018 at 11h00 PM UTC+2

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Announcement: Second challenge update!

[2018/10/15 06:52PM]

### New challenge * __SysIA__: An easy good old PHP challenge ;) ### New hints/mini-challenges * __Intrusion (hint)__: A hint and a challenge? What more can you ask for? * __DroneWars (hint)__ _x2_: More hints in easy challenges of course! _By the way: No speed award for these ones ;)_ ### A last hint for today * __CryptoBootLoader__: _A friend informs you that extracted files can be used to boot a system without asking for a password in the boot sequence. The encryption keys are probably contained in these files. In particular the **MLO** file is a standard file that calls the image **u-boot.img** which seems non-standard. Presumably the u-boot image relies on information removed from an **env** file to decipher the **zimage** (kernel image), the **dtb** (hardware-related parameters that are passed to the kernel) as well as the **ramdisk** (file system) to complete the boot sequence._

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