[12/08/2017 9:54pm]

Congratulations to the victorious teams which were offered internships by the organizers, to offer high-quality work packages and all the participants moreover who unanimously appreciated the quality of the tests and the subsidies in work packages.

Meeting in the next year for an even more fascinating competition and thank you again to all the organizers and the finalists who made the trip in Rennes.


[11/22/2017 4:40pm]

The last challengers has been defined :

  • Zeecka
  • BadBoy17 (replace PJK136)

Teams could thus be created:

ENSIBS 1 Tomtombinary _ACKNAK_ AreizenLeMagnifique
ENSIBS 2 Maki Slaynot Liquiid
ENSIBS 3 Haax Driikolu cyms
ENSIBS 4 ENOENT Iptior Zeecka
Grenoble-inp ESISAR 1 Master Mr.Pr0pre PoulpyWolf
Grenoble-inp ESISAR 2 Res Jeanbon Rejok
CentraleSupélec Pat Le Panda Pod ajoub
Cryptis Limoges / Bordeaux 1 AlexploiT lithronnim reanar
Cryptis Limoges / Bordeaux 2 MattQTT xMagass Simsor
ESIEA Prépa Swissky ZkClown soka
INSA CVL 1 mainro Mercur Spartacus
INSA CVL 2 Kktus BadBoy17 Ber$erker
INSA CVL 3 Pridwen Zweisamkeit waxous
Foreign countries saber ehackb etnarek
Multi school 1 tomh Jellyfish DanAurea
Multi school 2 nodauf L3akm1 vic511

Challengers selected for the final:

[11/13/2017 2:00pm]

Congratulations to the finalists of the European Cyber Week Challenge. The list of candidates selected for the final is now verified and is published below taking into account the withdrawals. Teams will be formed with the following priorities:

  • Group of three and by school
  • Complement to three of two candidates from the same school
  • Multi-school grouping for qualified people who do not fit into the two previous categories

Note a European selection (Belgium and Estonia).

Candidates will present themselves before 11 am on November 29, 2017, with their ID card and student ID card, to the IRT B<>Com in Rennes (France): localization on the European Cyber Week web site. Lunch will be offered on site. For any difficulty regarding travel or accommodation please contact the main organizer: challenge [at]

After the numerous prizes have been awarded to all participants, the three winning teams will be invited to a ceremony for diplomas delivery that will take place in the Rennes Métropole premises in the city center between 7:30pm and 9:30pm.

The last two people selected will be announced soon.

    _ACKNAK_ Jeanbon nodauf soka
    ajoub Jellyfish Pat Le Panda Spartacus
    AlexploiT Kktus PJK136 Swissky
    AreizenLeMagnifique L3akm1 Pod tomh
    Ber$erker Liquiid PoulpyWolf Tomtombinary
    cyms lithronnim Pridwen vic511
    DanAurea mainro reanar waxous
    Driikolu Maki Rejok xMagass
    ehackb Master Res ZkClown
    etnarek MattQTT saber Zweisamkeit
    Haax Mercur Simsor
    Iptior Mr.Pr0pre Slaynot

A preselection which kept its promise:

[10/25/2017 3:50pm]

Congratulations to the winners of this first phase of preselection of the CTF ECW edition 2017!

The temporary list of the official finalists will be validated after verification of the identity of the candidates and their eligibility according to the regulation and of their effective availability for finale of 29. Warned candidates, because not having respected this regulation cannot be held.

We can already announce that a belgo-Estonian team will participate in finale. Still bravo to all the participants for their tenacity and their technical know-how. It will be advisable to confirm these individual talents by a shift work constituted for the final.

The list of the official finalists will soon be announced on the site after the verifications expressed above.