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Based on Airbus’ extensive experience in the defence and security field, Airbus CyberSecurity’s 650 experts fully dedicated to cyber security offer their expertise and trusted European solutions to all its customers. In Europe and in the Middle-East, defence and security organisations, governments, critical infrastructure operators and strategic companies put their trust in products and services developed by the Airbus CyberSecurity teams.

Relying more specifically on its three Cyber Defence Centres (CDC) established in France, Germany and the United-Kingdom, Airbus offers a range of additional services and products in accordance with the latest regulatory requirements. As unique structures benefitting from the integration of the entire Airbus’ expertise within a single organisation, CDCs dynamically combine monitoring, early detection of attacks and their investigation, and therefore drastically reduce the incident response time.

Airbus’ portfolio also includes a range of products from Stormshield, aimed at the protection of networks (Network Security), workstations (Endpoint Security) and data (Data Security). Stormshield is a 100% subsidiary of Airbus CyberSecurity.

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To answer the strong security requirements of its customers, Thales is one of the world leaders in cybersecurity products and solutions for defense agencies, governments, critical national infrastructures, as well as communication, industrial and financial companies. Its 2000 specialists in cybersecurity developed a unique expertise to master the cyberspace by proposing an active, progressive defense for IT systems, especially within sensitive contexts.

With a global presence throughout the information security chain and drawing on renowned cryptographic capabilities, Thales delivers cybersecurity from start to finish for the information systems and critical data of its customers. Thales’ capabilities range from advice to security audits and data protection, including the design, development, integration, certification and operational maintenance of cybersecure systems. Thales also intervenes in the screening of cyberthreats, in intrusions detection and in security monitoring. Finally, Thales is able to deploy a Rapid Task force in case of an attack.

More than 20 jobs families are represented within Thales in the field of cybersecurity. These jobs are accessible as of the end of university whether after a program with a technical dominant (security system engineer, developer of state-of- the-art solutions and products, pentesters, researcher etc.) or with a functional dominant (consultant, project manager, analyst, threat intelligence specialist) Recruited profiles will benefit from Thales’ strong innovation capabilities as well as numerous international mobility opportunities. They will also gain experience thanks to the diversity of the cybersecurity projects within the Group, whether the service of customers or of Thales’ own solutions.

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